Here are my favorite pages for home insurance quotes

Friday, September 28, 2018
(Here are my favorite pages for home insurance quotes)
Best rates (home and car Insurance) are very easy to get if you know where to look and how to look. I'll take you through a short process that could save you anywhere from a few hundred dollars to thousands (This would be subject to a number of factors).

I'd have to assume you already know the best coverage for you in your present circumstance. However, since I can't be too sure, here are a few things to bear in mind about your home and car insurance policies...

1) Make sure you understand the coverage you're getting. It's very painful to learn what's not part of the deal when you make a claim. Make sure you only sign when you understand everything about the policies. Ask and ask every question that crops up in your mind. Remember, it's your money and your protection that are in question here.

2) The minimum coverage required by law or a lender may or may not be good for you. Too much insurance is expensive. However, insufficient insurance is much more expensive. If you ask the right questions as suggested earlier, you'll know if you need something more.

Now that I've those off my chest, here's how to get the best rates in home and car insurance.

Simple. Visit at least three insurance quotes sites and obtain quotes. They are free, quick, easy and non-obligatory.

You'll be through with each site within 5 minutes. For each request you'll get up to five or more quotes from A rated insurance companies (That is if you use sites run by independent insurance brokers).

Compare the quotes returned and then pick the best price to value ratio. You might have noticed that I did not say the lowest price. You certainly know that the lowest is not always the best priced. Look for the lowest price that gives you the coverage you want. If in doubt, apply and then ask the agent assigned to you before paying.

You'll get better rates on your home and car insurance policies if you obtain an auto/car quotes rather than an auto and car insurance quotes separately. You'll save anywhere between a few hundred dollars to a thousand or much more if you stick with this advice on getting the best rates (home and car insurance).

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